ROTHERWOOD KENNEL Rottweiler Breeder in Ontario Canada
ROTHERWOOD KENNEL Rottweiler Breeder

Please read before you contact us:

- All our dogs are either imported from Europe or born in our home from imported parents. We DON'T breed the so-called American lines

- All our puppies are microchipped and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. We DON'T sell unregistered puppies for a discounted price.

- The price quoted for a puppy is NOT negotiable. We spend a small fortune for each puppy or adult dog we import from the best bloodlines in the world, so please don't ask why puppies are so expensive.

- The price includes HST so there is no tax on top of the quoted price.

- Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE should you change your mind.

- We DON'T breed any kind of mixed breeds or "designer dogs". Our dogs are "pure bred".

- Please include your name and phone number when you e-mail us. E-mails asking only 'how much' or 'do you have puppies available' will not be answered.

- First and foremost we only breed a litter with the intention of keeping a puppy so we always keep first pick for ourselves. We don't end up keeping a puppy from each litter but we'll only decide when the puppies are 7 to 8 weeks old.

- Under absolutely NO circumstances will a puppy or adult be sold or consigned to pet shops, other commercial dealers or offered at auction.

- We reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy to any individual(s) for any reason we see fit.